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The Barter Clinic
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9146 Hwy 63 N, Bono, AR 72416
The clinic's temporarly location is inside the House Medical Clinic building.

We’ve all heard about the country doctor who gets paid with chickens. Well, this isn’t exactly like that, but the Barter Clinic comes close.

Tired of the high costs of healtcare? Then you’re going to appreciate Bono Barter Clinic. Here’s how it works: inside the House Medical Clinic building, the Barter Clinic offers 15 minute appointments without a dollar price. You will see Dr. House or another medical professional just as you would if you made an appointment with the regular clinic. But you’ll pay a reduced rate using goods or services for the appointment instead of cash. Other items such as strep tests, flu shots, etc., will still be available but aren’t included in the office visit and typically do require a cash payment (since we have to buy those items ourselves). If you need procedures done such as mole removal, pap exams, etc., that also will be available for a negotiated amount in addition to the office visit.

So where does the “Barter” part come in? Well, that’s where it gets interesting. The Barter clinic will barter with you for items you bring in. The items have to be something that you’ve made, grown, or produced, or a service that you provide. For example, if you make quilts, or can foods, or make furniture, those would all be excellent items to bring in for barter. There are a few limitations. No live animals without prior arrangements, no dangerous, illegal, nor flammable items, and everything must be produced locally and be relatively new - in other words, no used TVs, computers, stereos made in some overseas factory. You get the idea. The acceptance and value of what you bring in will be subject to negotiation. Each provider reserves the right to accept or not accept an item for barter.

The Barter Clinic is open to anyone, whether you have insurance or not. However, the clinic will not bill insurance, of any kind. If you require that service, then you’ll need to be seen at House Medical Clinic.You will be given a receipt for your visit which you can use for tax documentation, if needed.

One other very important thing to know about Bono Barter Clinic: Providers WILL NOT prescribe narcotics (pain medication), Benzodiazepines (xanax, klonopin, etc.), or any other controlled substance (Ambien, ADHD meds, etc.) for any reason to patients seen in this clinic.

The whole idea behind this clinic being offered by Dr. House is to provide area residents with affordable healthcare while allowing those on fixed budgets to use their skills to obtain the care they need. Who knows, maybe everyone will have some fun at the same time.
Dr. John House grew up in Northeast Arkansas, graduating from Arkansas State University. He received his medical degree at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at Little Rock, with residency training at UAMS AHEC-NE, St. Bernard's, and NEA Baptist in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Dr. House treats a wide range of medical conditions in all age groups from new borns to geriatrics. Dr. House also offers HIV treatment and care.

Dr. George Patton has been practicing medicine in Northeast Arkansas for many years. He joined the HMC staff in January 2012. He received his residency training at UAMS AHEC-NE, St. Bernard's, and NEA Baptist in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Dr. Patton offers adult and senior care. He also will begin offering allergy testing and treatment soon.

Nurse Practitioner Kristy Johnson joined the medical staff at HMC in September 2012, offering care to adults and children. She has a focus on women's health issues. She resides in Jonesboro.
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